Every Kind of People   Robert Palmer
Ain’t No Sunshine Bill Withers
Use me - Em7            Bill Withers
Flashlight                   P Funk 
Voodoo - Am6          Neville Brothers
Lively Up Yourself    Bob Marley
Rebel Music    Bob Marley
Shakedown Street     Grateful Dead

Scarlet Begonias     Grateful Dead
Fire on the Mountain - B      Grateful Dead             
New Minglewood Blues - E    Grateful Dead
Franklin’s Tower - A    Grateful Dead
Women Are Smarter – A     Grateful Dead    
Wouldn't want to be like you - Gm7   see "Lucky Stars"
I Shot the Sheriff - Gm7     Bob Marley  see "Lucky Stars"
After Midnight - Gm            Eric Clapton
Crossroads - A                  Eric Clayton
Hypnotized - B minor 7      Fleetwood Mac
Windswept - F#m              Brian Ferry
Instant Karma  -A                 John Lennon
Give Peace A Chance-E7    John Lennon
It Don't Come Easy - D       George Harrison

While my Guitar Gently Weeps - Am      Beatles
Come Together - Dm         Beatles
It Don't Come Easy - D           Beatles
Feelin' Alright- G           Traffic
Knockin' on Heaven's Door - G    Bob Dylan 
Little Wing - Em           Jimi Hendrix
Third Stone from the Sun    Jimi Hendrix

Sultans of Swing - Dm                 Dire Straits         
Goin' Down - Em7            Freddie King SRV/J.Beck
Sugar Sweet       Freddie King
Born Under a Bad Sign    Albert King

Flashlight - Bm7           P-Funk
Make Love to You  - E9         Muddy Waters (funky!)
Thrill is Gone      BB King
You've Been Mean   BB King

 Another Day       Dan King Kahn
Spirit of the Night    Dan King Kahn

Take Care       Dan King Kahn
Good Night      Dan King Kahn
Curious Things   Dan King Kahn
Funky Memphis    Dan King Kahn
Life and the Pursuit    Dan King Kahn
Big Red Dog         Dan King Kahn