Guitar Lessons with Dan “King” Kahn

Dan has been teaching guitar students, young and old, for over 30 years.  A professional touring musician, producer and guitar instructor, Dan specializes in Blues and Classic Rock improvisation.  He teaches music theory and to read tablature using fun and easy to absorb methodology.  Dan has helped to instill a true love for the guitar to countless beginners while assisting intermediate and advanced players stuck in a rut get to the next level.

His deep understanding of the guitar, amps, pedals and ability to seamlessly integrate equipment, vintage and new, to hit that old school Blues and Classic Rock 3D tube amp sound has been sought out from many accomplished musicians.  Dan not only creates an environment where learning and reconnecting with your instrument is a pleasure to look forward to but helps each student find a tone and a style that is right for them.

A father of four, all who have grown to love and play guitar, Dan has a unique teaching style that allows each student to flow through the learning process and find success in their playing.

Dan has taught and run guitar shops in the Chicago area and Lawrence, Kansas since the early 90’s.  He now lives with his family in Louisville, Colorado and plays in the Denver/Boulder area and tours with his band, Urban Earth.

Style: Teach all styles with an emphasis on Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk and Reggie. Students will learn music theory and to read tablature, while cultivating a true love for playing the guitar.  

Lesson Details:  An experienced teacher, Dan adapts each lesson to the needs of his student while structuring the class so the session is fun and enjoyable.  By helping to cultivate a true love for playing, practicing becomes a natural pleasure and success inevitable. Depending on the needs of each student instructional books may be required.

Lessons are available at my studio in Louisville or at your home. 

Pricing:  Lessons are $50 per hour.  

To book a lesson with Dan “King” Kahn please call/text 303.856.8264 or email

Gear Acquisition & Sales
          Dan has assisted countless musicians over the years acquire both rare and player guitars, bass guitars, pedals and amps that truly reflect each musicians style and desired tone. A well connected buyer over the last 25 years, Dan is known for finding remarkable deals and connecting the perfect equipment to both player and collector.  

          If interested in finding that perfect piece to add to your collection or adjusting your tone to hit that perfect pitch on stage please call Dan for a consultation at 303.856.8264.